Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First SDL Professional Meet in India

On August 1st 2015, I attended the first ever SDL Professional Meet in India. It was really great to see SDL professionals from all over India there. We gathered at the SDL Mumbai Office using some wonderful facilities there. The conference area especially was exceptional. A big thanks to SDL Mumbai for that.


The event started with a welcome note from Tejas & Vikas followed by the individual introductions. It was really nice to get to know everyone. Alvin, Raj, Mark, Tejas, Venu, Jatinder Sodhi and many more... 

SDL Evolution and SDL WEB 8.1

Yep, presentations time... Starting with a session from Alvin, which was all about SDL's history, evolution and road map.
He also described what's coming in the new version of Tridion, which will no longer be known as Tridion but SDL Web (version 8.1). It was really nice to discuss, where we are and what more we will have moving forward.

DXA Basics from Raj

Following the session from Alvin, Raj went through the basics of DXA. He discussed the structure and the usability of DXA and also went through the out of the box modules that come with it. 

Alchemy!!! Alchemy!!!

I was really excited to present Alchemy4Tridion, the game changer from Alex Klock. We discussed many things from installing Alchemy to creating an Alchemy plugin in visual studio, including framework basics and core Alchemy functionality.
 I also introduced the Alchemy webstore, where the Alchemy plugins can be uploaded and managed.It felt really good to see the response from the people out there. Thanks guys and girls.

Vikas with DD4T

Vikas turned out with a great DD4T presentation and covered the basics with what's in store for DD4T 2.0.
It was a really nice to learn about DD4T with java. He also covered "DD4T Vs DXA", showing how both are related and different as the same time. 

Piyush Jain Steels the Show

Hey! Who are you man?? Nowhere in the agenda :) So here arrives Piyush Jain with some really good points on where SDL is losing the race with it's competitors. He compared SDL Tridion with other leading CMS with regards to out of the box functionality and summarized it very well how customers are paying additional money in customizing Tridion.

Targeting Smart in Venu's way

Venu touched on Smart Target and explained how the product could be used to personalized websites. He summarized Fredhopper pretty well and presented how Smart Target connects it to Tridion. Good to learn.

That's it chaps

Other then some general free time discussions in between, Alvin concluded the presentations presenting SDL Translation Manager. We had a lucky draw for two free Tridion Certifications and Mukesh Kumar and Sumit Sabberwal emerged luckiest among all of us. I still feel Mark did some trick picking those tickets from the bowl. hahaha..
And of course, we collected around INR 40,000 in the form of registration fees. SDL Foundation will be using for some charity work. Awesome!!!

Lets get drunk!!! Not really :)

Wait a minute, did I hear it right?? Nobody goes with alcohol here ??? Awww alright, lets concentrate on some food then. 

A day after...

At Kharghar hills

In Summary

Other than learning through the presentations, the event provided a platform to the SDL professionals from India to get to know each other. It was also a launch pad to have other events like this in India down the road. A big thanks to all the guys and girls, who turned up and made it a successful event. Really enjoyed being with you, see you later ...



  1. Great Saurabh..I missed this time. Will be part of this next time

  2. Good to see, things are happening around SDL a very good product with limited community mobilization.