Friday, September 23, 2016

Items Panel Search Alchemy Plugin

Here is another Alchemy plugin called Items Panel Search, which is now available on Alchemy Web Store. It is inspired by another plugin called Publication Panel Search, publication panel search plugin operates on publications list but this plugin on items list in the right panel. It places a search box over items list to search or filter items. User types some text and the items list gets filtered on every key press and shows the items containing the string.

Also, the plugin preserves the search value and the search results if user open an item from the list or does the sorting. User can reset the search by clicking the refresh button at the top of the list.

Other than search for a particular item in a long item list, this plugin could be useful in situations when someone wants to operate on a set of items having a common string in title of the items. As shown in below image, all the items having “Articles” in titles are filtered.

This plugin gives users two search options, titles only and all information presented in the list. By default it searches on the titles of the items, if user want to search for all information shown, he can enable it going to plugin configuration and set the value for “SearchAllInformation” to true.

In technical term it is a GUI extension of type Resource Extension Group added to the Dashboard View. It simply contains a JS file as a resource, that is responsible to put the search box on the top of FilteredListControl and all the functionality included.

To see the plugin code please visit this Github link.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this plugin.

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